Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Lord blesses me so much its amazing!

So a bunch of missionaries just got their visas like I am the last one to go I think?? One Elder had his FBI clearance just finish and in for a week and he got his Visa... it was narly!   I obviously still have a work out here to do... so I am working hard to get it done! I am staying with my trainer this transfer again so I will "kill" him because this is his last transfer. I am gonna make him work hard so that we can be on the ball and not let him slack off!   Oh so I found one of the reasons I came down here!  We helped an investigator get baptized!  We were the missionaries that had a accidental lesson with her that helped her decide to get baptized! It was Awesome!  So the Lord will place you where you need to be!  We are teaching some new investigators and they are on the ball... its awesome!  Hopefully they will keep progressing!! 

Oh I went on an exchange with a Spanish missionary and straight had the gift of tongues because I was all fluent and speaking so fast!  It was So Awesome! The Lord blesses me so much its amazing! He just helps me renew my efforts all the time, especially with Portuguese, since I don't have time to study or really many opportunities to practice. He helps me realize I need to prepare before he will give me those experiences!

So I almost got nailed by a car!  It was crazy!  We were cruising down hill on the side walk and my comp decided to switch onto the road off a ledge thing/ ramp and I didn't want to lose him, so I followed but didn't have time to look back and almost got nailed by a car!  It was narly!  The Lord has my back and guardian angels are working overtime!  

Aww that is an awesome picture with Justin and Elder Bednar... so jealous!!!!

Be safe and learn by the Spirit! 
Com amo,
Elder Bowden

Oh my camera died and I cant find my charger so no more pics till I can get a new charger for the battery.  Ask Meag if you have any questions, she has the same camera. I made some almost lasagna... it was sweet! I also had this delicious sandwich made of: cookies n creme ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and cookie dough... it was nuts! Oh and my watch is destroyed!  I would have sent a pic but my camera is dead sorry.. :P  

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