Monday, March 16, 2015

The gospel can apply to like everything! Its awesome!

So this week was intense!  It started off with losing to my comp at Phase 10 in Gramp's honor on P-day.  One of the cool parts of this week is that we had a special mission fast to raise our expectations and we had so much more success!  It was awesome... like our numbers practically doubled!  Fasting is a key to receiving blessings from the Lord! 

Yes, Chino is in our mission so probably like 20 miles out from here I think??  There is a member in our ward who is awesome.  He was talking to us about his life and I have just been realizing how blessed I was growing up with a good family and not having to worry about being beat up or stabbed as a kid...  Just be grateful for the trials we are sparred from having!  Oh and I also found this arborist member and we talked trees for a while and then related it to the gospel!! Gary would be proud!! The gospel can apply to like everything! Its awesome!

So I left my scriptures at home, so no verses, but in 1st Nephi I realized how important family history work is.... so go and find it?! :)  

Yeah I have been snacking all the time so I figured out how to not be lazy/eat less snacks, which was to have to do a certain amount of push ups per snacks!  Its awful, but I am definitely becoming stronger, so it balances out!  Dedication is key especially for missionary work.  The Lord will help you in all aspects as long as we do our part, meaning we have Faith that he will help if we strive to do our part 110% and we have a righteous goal! 

 I will do My part out here... keep doing Yours! :) 
Love, Elder Bowden

My fellow Brazilian Elders in Rancho!
My crazy comp and his lava lava!

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