Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The baptism was nuts!!!

The baptism was nuts!!!  We went to go and clean the font early in the morning and it was pretty gross, but we got it nice and purty-ish! haha! As we were filling it, we had tons of water problems.  It took us like 2 hours to fill that sucker! We used a fire hose, tons of buckets, it twas awesome! We made it happen! She is super solid. We will confirm her this week since we had conference last week! We have new investigators all the time, the hard part is sorting through the ones who are ready and who want the gospel!  

Haha I guess its a family thing cuz my intestines are not having a great time at the moment!  Either I am sick (I dont think) but I think I am preparing to start a worm farm inside me!  I am gonna call it "I got worms"... sound fitting?

 Oh will you fast for my comp and Austy, dont worry about me, I have too many blessings right now I can share! Tell Austy to buy tons of biscoitos =(cookies-ish) it might help him gain pure muscle :)  My comp is struggling with the "following all the rules wont bring happiness so we can bend a few of them".  I am trying to help him, but have realized that he just gets really mad when I suggest to do things differently.  I am learning lots of life lessons, I think they will come in handy anyway! Just to be really subserviant and not get mad at him for not being perfect or not wanting to change. We are here to learn and help others and often those lessons are really hard to learn the first time. Patience is key!  Dad and I are rocking the patience!  Thanks for your help with that Mom, I am learning! :)
It twas sweet... we played bball with my companions Americans vs South Americans!  It wasn't the fairest of teams, but it was what they wanted!  I missed basketball a lot!

It was a good week this week!  Learning a lot every week, it's hard but fun!  I will fast as well boa sorte!

Te amo
Elder Bowden

 Oh also can you send me some pics of when I had a beard and more of the family please?  I might have some pics on my old iphone? Can you send me Pook's email and thanks for all you do :)

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