Sunday, June 21, 2015

Oh I had some narly cow intestines this week!

I am feeling good, everything is getting better now that I can mostly say what I want in portuguese :) How are you guys feeling?  Elder Benitez is a good elder.  He's just near the end of his mission so he is a little trunky.  This week was a little long.  It's a lot harder to stay focused on the work when you have a comp who can understand everything and likes to talk about what he will do when he gets home. I am trying and we are teaching alot... we will be more focused this week! 

I think it is more dificult to learn the language with an American because I can just ask for words but not remember them. With a native, I have to say everything in portuguese which helps me learn more but I'll try and make it more effective this week! :) 

Oh I had some narly cow intestines this week!  It wasnt too bad!  I liked it more before they told me what it was though! haha

My area is mostly the same.  We just got another area to work in since there are more elders leaving than coming out now.   There is a lot more work to do but it will all be good! Its getting hard to not write words in portuguese when I try to write in english!  :o

Have fun on your trip and have a great week!
Love ya!
Elder Bowden

Oh we had a talent show at the church and it was way weird... its brazil and some people are crazy! :D 
Here are some pictures of Fortaleza!

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