Monday, June 29, 2015

I had to sing a few hymns, but all is good!

This week was nuts well really just Domingo. It started off a good day.  We had a random person off the street have a "feeling in his heart to go into our church".  Then Maria Rita a RC (Rencent convert) was asked to give the closing prayer in Gospel Principles and she gets up and gives her testimony and what she's grateful for then sits down.  It was so awesome, everyone was just smiling because she didnt understand.  We had almoço (lunch) at a investigators house and my comp and I were being stuffed full of food so we started playing games while eating. Later that day we went to go teach Maria Rita and everything went awesome but as she was saying the closing prayer her ?nephew? walked in and she informed him he was interupting her prayer.  He left and came back after the prayer and started to chew her out.  I tried to tell him it was "all ok" because I didnt want him yelling at her and he just got mad at me.... and lets just say he left with plenty of threats. My comp was a tad concerned because he thought I was about to fight the guy for yelling at her. Twas crazy de mais!  I had to sing a few hymns, but all is good!  We gave a ward missionary training that night that went really well and hopefully it continues to go well!
I cant find skittles anywhere here or anything chewy... or Reeses! :) Oh I am thinking of buying a basketball so can you include a pump? Oh yeah question for ya, how much cash is available in my debit? I think I might try and remove some because we have to use a lot of busses in my area so I dont get much money for food. Oh cereal would be awesome! (have Ry approve before sending ;) haha
Missions are harder then everyone says but they help us become who the Lord needs us to be. Miracles are what we all want but not very many people see that God gives us more miracles and blessing then we need, we just have to look for them!
Love you guys tons! Have a wonderful week full of Charity!
Elder Bowden

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