Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It was a rough teaching week...

It was a rough teaching week... no one was in their homes!  We have a big area now so lots of walking!  It wasnt very great missionary wise, our baptism fell through, but we are gonna work hard this next week to try and get everything back on track! 

Aww man I miss everyone... but there are people here the Lord misses more so I will try and focus on finding and helping them! 

Ahhh high adventure good times... you need to have the boys try spear fishing next time! And keep me posted on Austy let me know if their is anything I can do, I keep him in my prayers!   And sorry mom, no new pics this week. We were spending some time in the crazy part of my area so I wasnt able to take any.   I'll try and get some good pics this week!

Love ya tons!!!!!
Elder Bowden
Last weeks pics were from the secretarias house, they live in the city!  

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