Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I feel like the mission is one strange class of marriage prep... ahh!

My week was crazy!  We had lots of work and learned that a lot of missionaries are not being obedient.... but I will help them and try to give them an example of what they should do.  I learned this when studying the missionary manual.... I have a ton of work to do and lots of people to help. With experience its getting easier, so hopefully, Ill get to a point where I can do it...

We had a baptism this week of Tamiris a mãe, who wanted to change her life and help her children grow up in a better place! Ill send photos next time. Sorry I didn't get a chance to send this time.

So my comp and I had a crazy week.  We had lots of people who were doing great, progressing a lot, but the devil is working way hard here and gets them to do things on Sunday so they cant progress and have a harder life.... Its crazy, but its teaching me that I need to work harder to help them get the strength they need to resist. My comp and I are trying to do this. We aren't the best of friends yet but we are always working to keep the Spirit with us, to always strive to be better and put the others needs in front of our own. haha I feel like the mission is one strange class of marriage prep... ahh! I am learning the importance of finding a wife that can cook because what I am eating here will probably destroy my health.... :)
Hope everything is good with you all! Love ya lots!
Elder Bowden
I live in an apartment on the road Edgard Viera Guerra 1797, which is in the barro Parque Soledade.

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