Thursday, March 17, 2016

Do you find joy in the gospel/scriptures?

This week, well more like this transfer, has been really difficult to get people to visit the church. We have been talking with tons of people and even then, the people that say they'll visit dont go.... I am looking for a solution. I just need to find it soon so I can get back on pace with what the Lord is expecting from me in this area. 
Oh if you could, I could use some talks on helping investigators feel the spirit or any good motivating talks really! Also there's an Elder here who really, really, really likes peanut butter, so if you could help him out, that'd be great! Oh and if you have one of the small jars of raspberry jam that would be fantastic! 

I have been working a lot these days on Ch 6 of PMG.  I'm just working on becoming a better me and I am seeing the difference it is making in my life. I have been pondering one of the questions that is more or less assigned "Do you find joy in the gospel/scriptures?" I have found that many times I have known the scriptures/gospel was important but didn't find the joy/happiness in it. I have been thinking about it and how I need to help others feel this way, because there are tons of people who know it's "what they should do" but they don't see the joy/blessings that come from living the gospel. 
I am missing you lots and I Hope that everything is going well for you!
Love ya!
Elder Bowden

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