Sunday, March 13, 2016

My shoes are getting a little holey...

This week was crazy but a good one.  We are working tons and always getting home tired.  The only problem is I am forgetting to write in my journal, and I am getting some back pains. This week will be better.  I wanted to take a picture of the zone to show you but I forgot... There are lots of Americans in the zone. Almost all of them are new and have a lot of accent! Oh I have been trying to send your letter but I haven't had time to send it, and when I have, we had problems at the post office!  If all works out, I'll try and send it this week!

I'll keep DJ in my prayers, but whats his email:?? My shoes are getting a little holey and I have only been using them for 10 months. It will be some time before I have problems. I think they are lasting longer than everyone elses shoes. My area has lots of rocks so it just kills shoes. But life is going sempre, looking for people to help and teach. We just have to pray that they are not lazy and want to go to church!!!

Oh and if you can keep your eye out for a maple syrup to send me that would be great! :)
Love Ya and miss ya lots!!
Elder Bowden
oh this is a pic of my comp and the huge Catholic church.

My burnt head!

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