Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The time is flying!

This week was crazy, had lots of crazy things happen.. First off we had 2 baptisms planned for this week, but they didnt work out. They were called by their old pastora and after that they just got scared and didnt want to go to church. They want to go this next week but it will be conference.  It will be good to have them hear from apostles and the prophet and hopefully help them gain a testimony! We also are gonna start the marriage papers with the government this week and Roberta will be baptized after she gets married! It will be legit! They are an awesome family and he is huge... Ryan would be jealous because the guy is a giant, but all natural, he doesnt work out or anything. This week we are planning to teach Bruno. He is an awesome guy, way smart and searching for truth.

This next transfer is gonna be shorter, only 5 weeks, so its gonna pass really quick and then its gonna be Mothers Day again! The time is flying! Also its a little sad because they don't have pancake mix so I cant make french toast super delicious, but I made it with out the mix and they're not too bad! Oh there is an elder here who is gonna try and make tortillas, so we are gonna have to party it up and make quesadillas with fake cheese! I got some sweet pics of the zone and I am gonna have to wait a little bit for that package because it didn't show up... but Ill get it next week I hope!

Love ya lots hope you had a great Easter and Conference! Don't eat all the chocolate without me!!
Elder Bowden

 This is Elder Perna(Leg)
Here is some pics of the zone all the Elders were together in the chapel for ward conference!!! woot woot!

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