Sunday, March 27, 2016

I am happy and I am working hard

Well its been another week and I am still with the same comp Elder Affonso but transfers arent until next week so we will see! He is a very good missionary. He does a lot of things well, but he likes everything his way. It has been a hard transfer. I have definately learned to be more meek and avoid contention this transfer.  I am learning that if I need to battle for everything I think we should do that he doesn't agree, I need to choose just the ones that are important. I am learning more to just do what I am told and avoid contention than to do what I want. But I am happy and I am working hard.  We are preparing 3 people for this Sunday to be baptized: Rafael, Geralda and her granddaughter. Its gonna be great! We also are working on another but she needs to get married first and is way excited to get baptized! But marrying people here takes a couple weeks... 
Oh I also gotta find something to give to an elder who turned 20 today. I was gonna give the PB but Ill try something else. Its really awesome because his name is Elder Perna (Elder LEG) He started his mission this transfer and is already planning the things he will do when he gets home.... 
Oh I am trying to make good french toast but its not like yours mom. What do I need to make it excellent?  I wanted to send some pics of food... they are like Sams pizzas but these are way thick and are like 60 cents each!  I always forget to take pics but this week ill try to take one every day! 
Love You guys tons!!!
Elder Bowden

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