Friday, May 6, 2016

Don't worry the Lord blessed me and I didn't die.

This week was good! We had Josuel visit the church for the 2nd time and he likes it a lot! He is praying a lot to get his response. The only bad part was his wife didn't go to church but she said she will go this week and they have a bap date for next week! It will be awesome! 
I got a new Comp!! Elder Correa, another Brazilian! He will arrive tomorrow and I'll have to plan with him how we are gonna talk with you guys and when! I went to the outskirts of the zone in a place called Itapipoca to do a training and some interviews this Saturday. It was nuts, we didn't get lunch that day so be bought some fried snacks and ate some ice cream, then started our fast!!! Don't worry the Lord blessed me and I didn't die. I just don't have plans to do that again... I took some pic out there and I'll send them. 
Oh also the tortillas were awesome! We just needed some good salsa to go with them! We are gonna work really hard and I am preparing a list of things I need.  It's mostly food but you know its definitely the essentials to survive ;) 
 I have been teaching lots of English so I can speak more or less now!! :) I am really excited to speak with you guys... its gonna be crazy! Have a great week and don't do anything crazy!!! I am going crazy because its p-day and I am gonna be free! haha

Love you lots! I am gonna keep working hard and I'll talk to you all about the mission in 7 days!!
Elder Bowden

Yummy tortillas!

The bus looks like a plane (bus to Itapipoca)

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