Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I have a new comp!

Don't send me the photos please:) haha I am getting trunky and I want to stay focused. The baptism didn't work out. she didn't go to church and the mom was having problems letting her be baptized with her grandma.... but we are working real hard and we will prepare 3 people for this week. Josuel is one who is preparing. He is going to church alone. He is way excited! He told me in church yesterday that his wife didn't want to go, "but he will help her". He is really awesome. He's already realizing the blessings to have the priesthood and trying to bring his wife and daughter! We also have 2 new visitors to prep for this week. Its gonna be a fast week but I have made plans to help them stay firm in the church and have friends!! :) 

So my new comp works hard and we will work good together but can be a little bit fubeca but I am gonna try real hard to help him be more obedient so he can give an example to a new missionary.
So I made a list of things I would like if possible: The packets of cheese of mac n cheese or shells and cheese (I don't need noodles) :D , jam(raspberry or some kind of delicious), peanut butter, skittles and salsa would be awesome,  and basketball shorts my size or a little bigger for other Elders, and pancake mix or a recipe? and photos of the baptisms so I can send letters to the RC to motivate them. My shoes have holes in the sides but I'll try and get them fixed here if I can. I'll send some pics when I have time :) I'll try and take a lot but its hard to remember... :( sorry!
Love ya lots, it was good to see you :) Vamos trabalhar até o pó!!!!
Elder Bowden

This was awesome to see godzilla!! He was just chillin!

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