Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Problems with electricity and with the water... I hope I don't kill anyone with my smell!

This week was good, but crazy. We had 3 people who were prepared to be baptized this week. Josuel was one of them. The only sad part is that his wife didn't come again..... the others were Maria and Irismar! I took a picture. I just don't know if it will send, the computer is having some problems...  I took a picture of a monkey on the rooftops!  This week was crazy, had lots of stupid things happening, but we will keep working and have more success! The mission is going cray but it will get better, I hope! We will have a conference with Fortaleza East when Elder Christensen will visit our missions in like 3 weeks!
I saw my filho, Elder Chagas in the Conselho de Liderança (I don't remember how you say it in English). It was awesome! We got to go eat at a buffet with him and they charged him 10 reis more because of the amount of meat he had on his plate... he is a crazy and I taught him well :) Oh and my hair is getting crazy so I am gonna cut it today! Also we have been having lots of problems with electricity and with the water.  I didn't get a chance to take a shower, so I hope I don't kill anyone with my smell!.. but it will end alright, I have faith :D
Oh toothpaste, please send good toothpaste, the kind they have here is strange......  and my shoes... aren't gonna live too much longer but I'll try and find some new ones. I'll send photos. Oh I thought about queso... and well it would be really lovely to taste some if it not too much to ask? I miss good cheese... :P  
I am getting tired, but I'll keep working and hopefully I'll take a nap today! Love ya lots and thanks for the help :D
Elder Bowden

 Oh also if you could send a pen drive with the general conference and good talks that would be sweet!!!

Elder Perna e eu são doido!!

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