Monday, September 5, 2016

Elder Lima of the 70 talked with us this week!

This week was crazy, as usual, all of the people that were drunk wanted to talk with us, it was funny and very crazy!  We baptized Emanuel, which is another amigo of a RC. He was having problems having a answer from God, but Saturday he got one and decided to change his life. It was way cool!  :D  One of the other highlights of the week was Elder Lima of the 70 talked with us this week about working with members and obedience. It was cool!  He showed a video of a boat leaving a man in the water and the boat didn't stop to help, just passed on. He said that we do the same when we don't do missionary work. We leave our friends in the water without stopping and trying to save them. This last week we didn't have lots of time to work and we didn't reach our goals, so we don't have many people preparing to be baptized but we will work for a miracle!

Oh we are gonna play some sports today and I forgot my camera... and also my memory card is full. I  have another that has some photos that are corrupted to I'l just delete the photos and start filling that card! Love ya lots! 

Elder Bowden

PS godzilla has some claws that are pretty crazy,  so no I'm not bringing him home...I think I'll let him not destroy my face!

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