Monday, September 5, 2016

My comp was almost attacked by godzilla!!!

This week was awesome! Lots of crazy things happened... like my comp was almost attacked by godzilla!!! It was nuts and really fun... godzilla was just chilling in the middle of the sidewalk and then ran at my comp and he almost tackled me trying to run.. I thought it was funny. Also this drunk guy started hitting on me.... my comp thought it was really funny... so I guess I got my karma.

Anderson was going to seminary this whole week and the professor said he was responding better then the other students! The only problem was that his mom yelled at him and he got sad and didn't want to go to the interview. But we talked with him and it worked out! One of his friends, that he taught with us, has a baptismal date for 18th! Also he went to teach with us and some people thought he was already a missionary because he taught better then some missionaries I know! It was legit! He was baptized in the broken font.... but it was legit! We have some others preparing for this week but we are gonna have to work hard because they are still changing old habits! But it will work out.  If you can pray for them, that would be great! Pedro + Lucas, sons of a returning member and Emanuel friend of a RC!!

I have been saving my money for gifts.  I have been looking but they don't have lots of cool things here. I'll try and trade with elders for things that I can bring home! I have been rationing my money buying the things necessary. I thought it would be better to start learning how to manage where I use my limited money then "living out of my means". Just practicing for the future and trying to get skinny :P I don't remember my pw any more..... but what I think I remember I'll try sending to Meag.

What I would write to the primary kids? Probably sobre (about) the importance of prayer and just inviting their friends to church. We are having lots of success here because many people are losing their fear to just invite their friends to church or to hear the missionaries. But I think especially for kids that having everyone a missionary would be the best because the invitation is very easy to do and many times makes all the difference coming from a friend.

Give the Soderborgs a hug from me. This life passes so fast! Thankfully we will have plenty of time in the next to be together.

Love ya lots
Elder Bowden

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