Thursday, September 29, 2016

We had a Mission Leader Conference this week with a Seventy!

This week was really nuts... we had lots to do! We had a conference of the mission leaders this week and a 70 gave a training that was really good. He helped our president find a weak area in our mission and gave some advice on how we can have more success. He talked about how we need to have more perseverance = constancy + proactivity....about always working and working to change. Its really crazy how many missionaries don't change no matter how many times President or the Prophet say the same thing and we still don't apply it in our lives. His talk was really cool. He gave lots of techniques that are gonna be sweet to try. Also we now have to do exchanges with every missionary in the zone, every transfer. We are gonna have even less time to work in our area because we have tons of championships in the zone.... but it will work out! Hopefully they will want to put in practice what we teach. Its gonna be crazy, we will learn a lot! We will use lots of our money on the buses but it will help us manage our money even better. 

Lucas was baptized this week! It was way cool! He loves coffee but he dropped it and was baptized!! And Clemilton didnt go this week with his son... sadly, but we received a referral from a young man in the ward. Our young men are doing tons of missionary work/tons of referrals! We are working hard to meet the standards of the Lord but we will find a way to reach it with less time.

So Lucas collects coins and if you can send one of each coin that would be cool for him. Send more to give to other people, they like having strange coins. Oh and peanut butter, everyone here likes it. I'll let you know if anything else new happens. I'll have an interview with Pres this week, so it will be a good week!

Love ya lots!
Elder Bowden

Lucas, his mom, and his brother (all members)

 and parts of the zone.

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